Some of the Most Beautiful Vacation Spots – A Must Visit By Doctors

Are you looking for the best destination during your time off?  Regardless if you are looking for the best place to relax, family fun, cruise, wilderness adventure, exotic locale, luxury adventure or budget trip, these are some of the most common destination by your cash medical practice colleagues during their break.  You might want to consider them too.

Your Ideal Family Destination:  Greenbrier

In case you want to spend a quality time with your family, you might want to consider the majestic property of the Greenbrier.  Nestled at the Allegheny Mountain at West Virginia, this 11,000-acre property is definitely on top of the list for a great vacation spot for any of the doctors.  It was first opened to the public in the year 1778 and has become the favorite destinations of some of the most prominent figures in the history such as the Duchess and the Duke of Windsor.  It comes with a line of restaurant that offers mouth-watering delicacies, bowling lane, indoor theatre, spa, carriage ride, off-road adventure, kayaking, hunting, paintball, golf, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and casino.

Educational Trip with the Family: Washington DC

There are so many reasons on why you should visit Washington DC.  Some people easily forget that the culmination of history packed in this place is so rich.  The Smithsonian would be enough reason for a cash medical practice doctor to pay this place a visit.  There are also at least 20 arts and historical museums sprawling within the city.  Some of the most notable destination for the doctors would be the National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History and the National Air & Space Museum.


Covering around 1 mile of the renowned Caribbean Beach and situated in a jungle packed with exotic bird, the Rosewood Mayakoba is a luxurious resort located at Playa Del Carmen wherein the Mayan Ruins can also be found.  Get to enjoy the massive Kukulkan pyramid, the vast collection of the unique flora and fauna, and the diverse natural wonder of the Yucatan Peninsula.


For the cash medical practice Doctors who have a pretty tight budget but still want to find a way to relax, Perido bay located at the Border of Florida and Alabama would be a great place to travel.  There are myriads of water activities that you can do, and you will definitely appreciate the natural beauty of the place.  There are also live theatre, art museum, and art galleries nearby and festivals are held throughout the years.  You can take a dive and be amazed on the largest artificial reef all over the world or try your luck at the local casino.  You may also swim together with the dolphins or take frightening tour at the haunted lighthouse.


For those cash medical practice doctors who want to revitalize their energy after a long and tiring job, these are some of the best destination that will truly refresh your energy.

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