Medical Practice Marketing – 7 Unique Ways to Go About It

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Medical practice marketing can be viewed as a science and an art because it involves applying strategies and tactics (science) and incorporating creativity in connecting with the intended customers. Here are 7 unique ways to go about medical practice marketing.

  1. Email Marketing

According to Gigaom Research, email marketing by itself is one of the most effective marketing tools there is. This is because of the array of benefits associated with this means of medical practice marketing. Its simplistic nature makes it easy to use; its low cost makes it affordable, its high precision in terms of customer target as well as its ability to personalize each email.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing has been used over the years and has been proven rather effective, and as a result, businesses, not only in medical practice, have relied heavily on this technique. Video is appealing in two ways. First, visualization is preferred to texts, as our brains tend to grasp images more quickly than words. Secondly, medical practice marketing can benefit largely from video marketing due to its adaptability. One video marketing campaign can be shared online on social media, played at the reception desk as well as aired on TV.

  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Medical practice marketing is getting a boost from Pay-Per-Click marketing since it is cost effective. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, where you had to pay for advertising material even if it was not seen by your target audience, PPC allows you to pay for active audience (ones who search for the service, view your ad and enter your site.)

  1. Ditch the Office – Go To the Patients

A good way of raising awareness of your medical practice is by going to the patients instead of the other way around. Some patients might not be able to access your medical practice because they are not aware of its existence. Organize community outreach programs where you go to the community and offer your medical expertise. By doing so, you are raising awareness that your medical practice is available for the community.

  1. Strong Online Presence

Medical practice marketing is contingent on a strong online presence. By this, I mean, ensure that you have a working website which has been professionally developed. Incorporate a blog, where you can get patient/customer feedback. Ensure that your social media accounts are active. It is all about taking advantage of the fact that the internet is where everybody goes to find information these days.

  1. Event Marketing

This medical practice marketing technique is similar to the community outreach programs; however, it involves undertaking marketing programs through events. A proper way of going about this is setting up a stand at the next fun fair in your locality. The stand will help you hand out brochures, flyers, and business cards.

  1. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing works best when you have medical colleagues who receive a high traffic of patients. A good way of tapping into that traffic is by requesting such colleagues to offer referral services. By increasing the number of patients which come to your office, you are increasing your business’s awareness.

Other than these unique ways, you might want to learn more medical practice marketing strategies. To find out more, you can either join our webinar on how to build a cash paying practice or attend the 2 day Discovery Day in Las Vegas. There, you can learn how to establish, and promote your cash medical practice.