Inspiring stories of doctors

Being a doctor or dreaming of being a doctor that has their own cash medical practice takes a lot of hard work. There will be times that you feel like giving up, but keep with it. Not giving up allowed the people whose stories are below to reach their dreams.

1. The Pay Off of a Creative Idea

After I turned 19, my mom quit the CNA job she had at the time. She opened a boarding house in which she provided 24 hours care for 4 residents that lived there. In just a few months, the house was full of an elderly man that had memory issues, a man who had TBI from a car crash during his teenage years, and an elderly lady that had MS. Turns out that I liked living with these strangers. The next year, I went to the community college for Nursing. Soon after I had graduated the program and become an LPN, my mom closed the boarding house.

I moved to the city nearby and started working as a live-in caregiver. Soon, after I switched to an extended care facility. This is where I met my wife who was a CAN at the time. After getting married, I talked my wife into the fact that we could have a happier life by leasing a place that had room for patients to live. Soon we rented a home with 3 bedrooms. We borrowed the money for the supplies we needed. After placing an ad in the newspaper, we had two elderly women as our clients.

We both quit the jobs we had, and spent four days with our clients. Soon after that, we took out a loan to rent a 7 bedroom house and soon had 4 more clients. After 20 years, we still are providing care in the house. We make a comfortable income of over $140,000 per year and love our jobs.

2. A Client Helped Me

I was a CNA. The last assignment I had, was live-in care, and my client passed away at the end of 2007 due to natural causes. After 3 months of working with this client, he asked me about my plans for my career. I told him about my plans to become an LVN, and my goal to open a small residential group home. Then I explained to him that this goal was not reachable due to cost, and me being 56 years old at this time. He told me to find and research the schools that I wanted to go to, and the cost. Every day, he would ask about the assignment. One day, I told him about a fast track school. The problem was the cost. He then asked “How much?” I was embarrassed but replied that the program was 17 months and cost $18,500. His reply shocked me “No problem, consider it paid for, and you ARE going to go. You are very good at your job, and you are going to go far.”

After he passed away, he had left me the money that I needed to attend the school. I almost have my GED now and am planning to start my LVN program.

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Even though there will be times when giving up feels like it will be the best option, it’s not. Having a cash medical practice and working in the medical field is never a simple task. However, the clients that you serve should help you keep going.

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