Before you close your medical practice watch this webinar

Learn how insurance is taking away your money and why building a cash practice is a must.

The Truth About Practice Revealed:

As Long as you HAVE TO BE THERE in the practice, you have a JOB not a Business…..Our model will show you how to break free from HAVING to be in the practice to being in the practice when you want to be

breaking free from the binds

Join us on this free webinar where you will see EXACTLY how Doctors like you with practices like yours are breaking free from the binds of insurance and netting more money as a result

High in demand treatment protocols

This Doctor-prenuer trianing is literally a new way of thinking about your practice using high in demand treatment protocols for epidemic conditions that people will pay cash out of their pocket to get help with. You will learn these at the event.

maintain control of your finances

Everyday we see doctors joining "groups" thinking they will get more leverage and make more money. One recent report showed 55% of these 'Groups" are in the RED and not making money. This is the wrong way to go. Keeping your private practice can be profitable and fun. You maintain control of your finances and your ability to practice as you see fit.

freedom to practice as they want

There is no other viable solution unless you want to be an employee for a large corporation or hospital. Your income will be cut in half by taxes, downward wage pressures, expense cutting and other expenses. Most doctors in these situations are ultimately not happy because they are being told what to do, what not to do, and lose their freedom to practice as they want.

Our webinar will cause you to exhale from realizing there is a solution for you that allows you to continue to practice as you want, to make money and be profitable, and to ensure your lifestyle and financial future are no longer at risk.

Doctors who worked with Paul say:

My practice is up over 180k for the year….I have bought 5 homes as well.

I went from a start-up practice to collecting over 200k a month within 18 months working with Bottomline Practice Solutions.

Bottomline Practice Solutions’ Marketing is the best I have ever used, and I do everything…..our website traffic was off the charts.

We went from 17k to over 100k in less than 6 weeks in the program with Bottomline Practice Solutions.

My practice is up over 75k for the year and I have bought 10 homes (for retirement).

Bottomline Practice Solutions is the master at monetizing a business and I have seen them do it time and time again.

They knew more about our business than we knew and, in a matter of minutes, had a marketing plan for each of us.

Genius marketing, business entrepreneur, one of the best I have ever met.

You get the idea. This is about securing your practice and your financial future.  We have limited space for the upcoming event.  For the amount of time and energy we put into training our doctors, we only accept a small group.

Making Your Practice Fun Again.