Doctors – Reduce Your Need for Insurance Paying Clients

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Over the years, doctors have been complaining about the low insurance reimbursements they receive from insurance companies for treating insured patients. According to hospitals and doctors, insurance reimbursements have been on the decline in the face of rising operating costs. This has led to a situation where health practitioners have had to come up with ways of staying afloat, one of them being limiting the number of insurance paying patients they accept. More and more doctors are choosing to work on building cash paying patients in a bid to reduce their need for insurance paying patients.

Below we have put together a list of the main reasons why doctors are choosing to reduce their need for insurance paying patients as a means of staying afloat.

Low Reimbursements

Usually, doctors and hospitals that accept insured patients treat them and send the bill to the insurance company. The insurance company then uses their algorithm to determine the amount they are willing to reimburse the health care provider. This amount can match the provided bill or fall below it; as is it happens in most cases. It is also worth noting that it may be more than the actual bill in case the healthcare provider has overstated it. This leads to a situation where revenues always fall below the level needed to keep up with the expenses. Establishing your own cash medical practice as a means of reducing the number of insurance patients you take will help avoid low reimbursements offered by insurers.

Dropped patients

Since insured persons are still listed as covered by insurance even after they have failed to make payments up to ninety days later, some doctors may treat them only for the insurance company to reject claims made. This leaves the healthcare provider to brave the cost. Establishing your cash medical practice will help you avoid such losses as you reduce insurance paying clients.


It is common for insurers to leave out some practices out of their exchange networks. It has been observed that some insurers direct more patients to some healthcare providers who accept their low reimbursement rates. Those left out have to work on building cash paying patients.

A Case for the Cash Medical Practice

Over the past few years, healthcare providers have been struggling with rising operation costs and decreasing insurance payouts. Furthermore, the changing medical insurance regulations have made making insurance claims more bureaucratic. Establishing a cash medical practice is becoming a great option for doctors who are looking to offer valuable medical services and still meet their costs.

Red Office Folder with Inscription Patients on Office Desktop with Office Supplies and Modern Laptop. Business Concept on Blurred Background. Toned Image.

Red Office Folder with Inscription Patients on Office Desktop with Office Supplies and Modern Laptop. Business Concept on Blurred Background. Toned Image.

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