How to Collect an Additional 30k to 60k in CASH Month In & Month Out Using our Tested, Proven, Easy, and Guaranteed System for Your Practice

Yes, I want to attend the 2 Day Discovery, so I can learn exactly what
it takes to grow my practice on January 28-29, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tickets are $497 and we are currently offering 27 Scholarships to qualified doctors.
Please apply and we will review your application to let you know if you have been accepted.

Discover for yourself how Doctors, just like you, with practices, just like yours, across the Country are increasing their Bottomline using our easy and proven cash marketing practice systems.

Secure your financial future and get your practice back on track by replacing the lost income as a result of changes in insurance reimbursement.

You will learn how we:

  • Market for specific health conditions which respond at a high rate
  • How to treat those conditions
  • How to get paid cash for your treatment

Many doctors have done away with insurance all together. Still others have seen a bump of $30k to $50k a month in new revenue while keeping the insurance model.

The Discovery Day is your first step to learning “Step by Step” and “Move by Move” how you can increase your Bottomline now……

You will learn how to free up more time to spend on vacations with your family, how to work less, and collect more while still providing quality care using our systems and technology.

You will hear from doctors, just like you, with practices like yours, who have used this system with Great Success. You will be able to see exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it.

In towns and cities all over the country, doctors are filling their practices with more new patients who:

  • Want treatment regardless if their insurance covers it or not
  • Will comply with the care and follow instructions given by the doctor
  • Experience fantastic outcomes

We deliver cutting edge protocols for treatment of conditions that patients desperately want to resolve. By solving this problem for these patients you can enjoy:

  • Financial freedom
  • Retirement
  • More income in the practice
  • More new patients
  • Less insurance hassles and paperwork
  • Patients getting better like never before
  • New ways to treat conditions without giving patients “another pill”
  • A rewarding and fulfilling practice model
  • Cakes, cookies, and candies from your patients at the holidays
  • More referrals

You WILL BE the GO TO doctor in your community. You will possess the easy and simple systems to handle the increased volume of patients without more time or hassle.

Join us for a Discovery Day where you can learn how to turn your practice into a cash patient practice by following a proven step-by-step system.


The marketing we use will make your phone ring with new patients. This is a tested and proven marketing system, not some glossy, expensive scheme.

  • Complete scripting for phone calls and for the doctor to close a case for cash
  • The financing we use that gets everyone approved without a credit check and how it works
  • A Case Free presentation about how to collect 4 to 6k up front in a case fee. Yes, this can be done in your area. (Yes, even in your area and even though some of you think it can’t be done. We do it do it all the time.)
  • Testimonials of doctors who have used our marketing methods and how it works. Their testimonials explain what changed for them at work and how their life has changed as a result
  • Access to all the studies we have behind our marketing methods and what they say. This includes the punch biopsies showing improved subcutaneous never supply, the 87 percent success rate study, how the technology works, and more
  • How our technology can take a 10×10 room used for storage in your office and make it a new revenue system that brings in 50 to 60K a month
  • How to convert the practice from insurance to cash or a hybrid and how it is done
  • Access to case studies of doctors who went from barely making it to buying new homes, new cars, and even moving to a new office….
  • How we remove the paperwork nightmare of insurance and move you to a dream practice based on cash
  • We show you the complete system, along with how we support and train you every step of the way. This is a “Done With You” program with “Done For You” components
  • The Quick Start Implementation Check Sheet (it is only two pages)
  • Video and live support training and more….

Doctors who worked with Paul say:

My practice is up over 180k for the year….I have bought 5 homes as well.

I went from a start-up practice to collecting over 200k a month within 18 months working with Bottomline Practice Solutions.

Bottomline Practice Solutions’ Marketing is the best I have ever used, and I do everything…..our website traffic was off the charts.

We went from 17k to over 100k in less than 6 weeks in the program with Bottomline Practice Solutions.

My practice is up over 75k for the year and I have bought 10 homes (for retirement).

Bottomline Practice Solutions is the master at monetizing a business and I have seen them do it time and time again.

They knew more about our business than we knew and, in a matter of minutes, had a marketing plan for each of us.

Genius marketing, business entrepreneur, one of the best I have ever met.

You get the idea. This is about securing your practice and your financial future.  We have limited space for the upcoming event.  For the amount of time and energy we put into training our doctors, we only accept a small group.

Making Your Practice Fun Again.