Top 10 Places Every Cash Medical Practice Doctor Should Visit

Top 10 Places Every Cash Medical Practice Doctor Should Visit


As a cash medical practice doctor, you likely have enough resources for once to take a well-deserved trip. It is very important to get away from the stress of the job every once in awhile to recharge your internal batteries, especially when you are constantly struggling with building cash paying clients. If you are wondering where you can go and have some adventure exploring the world, check out the following top 10 places every medical doctor must visit.

1. Rishikesh India

Situated at the base of the Himalayas mountain range, Rishikesh is home to most of the highly treasured gurus and yogis in India. It is even seen as the yoga capital of the world. Actually, it is here that The Beatles first learned about transcendental meditation. The fresh air and scenery are quite rejuvenating after a long time spent building cash paying clients for your practice.

2. Vancouver, Canada

Boasting of a temperate climate, generally relaxed lifestyle and plenty of beaches, Vancouver is a relaxing place that every cash medical practice doctor should visit. Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park offer an ample chance to enjoy nature within the city.

3. Kaikoura, New Zealand

A well-hidden destination just outside the major tourist towns in New Zealand, Kaikoura offers beautiful hikes along with seal, dolphin and whale sightings along the scenic ocean-side path.

4. Marbella, Spain

Well-known for its siestas or mid-day naps, Spain is a clear choice for a cash medical practice doctor. Marbella city is the best place to relax your tired body with its tasty food and numerous tapas bars.

5. Koh Lanta, Thailand

Do you want a break away from the chaos of building your cash paying clients? You must check out this destination with its beautiful beaches and perfect jungle trek.

6. Brighton, England

Traveling to Brighton offers a relaxing experience on its own as you see the rolling lush green hills along with the fluffy white sheep scattered on the old English countryside.

7. El Nido, Philippines

With relatively untouched clear blue waters, doctors who are prepared to swim through an underwater cave to El Nido can experience one of the best beaches in the world.

8. Negril, Jamaica

A quiet and serene fishing town, Negril is the best place for a cash medical practice doctor to unwind and lay low. Check out some cliff diving sport if you are feeling adventurous.

9. Burlington, Vermont

Several factors like fresh cheese and farmer’s markets among many others make Burlington the ideal location for a relaxing getaway.

10. Bali, Indonesia

There are plenty of beaches here with fun activities like snorkeling and skiing along with numerous yoga studios.

Woman on a tropical beach jetty at Maldives

Woman on a tropical beach jetty at Maldives

Take some time off building cash paying clients for your cash medical practice and check out the above top 10 destinations.

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