Funny List of Medical Slang Words

Portrait of happy medical doctor woman in office.

Portrait of happy medical doctor woman in office.

It is not that uncommon that you will encounter a slang word in the medical industry.  These words have been a regular part of the cash medical practice industry’s pop culture.  These words are often used to make a humorous relation pertaining to the patient care or the patient.  But there are also times that it can be viewed as hurtful, distasteful, angry, derogatory, sarcastic and crude.  Every industry indeed has their own jargon, watch out for some of these medical slang words and be aware if your doctor is making fun of you.

Top List of Funny Slang Words Used by the Doctors

happy african medical nurse measuring patient's blood pressure in doctor's office

happy african medical nurse measuring patient’s blood pressure in doctor’s office

You are probably aware on some of the medical terms if you are watching the Grey’s Anatomy or ER in the past.  But what about some of the funny words that your cash medical practice doctor commonly use?  Here are some of them.

  1. Beemer- Beemer is the term they used for an obese patient though it also relates to the ride located at the driveway of the orthopaedic surgeon.  Beemer was derived from the acronym BMI (Body Mass Index) which is the term used to measure the level of body fat based on height and weight.  In case you hear the word ‘Beemer Code’ it denotes the extra charge when treating the obese patient.  Other terms they used to refer to the obese patient would be ‘Yellow Submarine’ which refers to an obese patient with jaundice.
  2. FLK- FLK is a slang word that refers to a patient with a down syndrome.  In case a cash medical practice doctor is suspecting a Down, they will refer to the condition as FLK (Funny Looking Kid)
  3. Fleas And Cowboys- if you think the cash medical practice doctors are only making fun of their patients; they are also making fun of each other.  The term ‘Cowboy’ can refer to a surgeon who performed surgical procedure and just think afterwards.  Fleas are the term used to describe an internist, urologist are called ‘plumbers’, and gas passers are for the anesthesiologist.
  4. Status Dramaticus- This is a term used on a patient who think that they are very sick or they are dying but they are not.  They are generally stressed out due to some specific reasons.  These are patients who don’t have the symptoms and just acting like in pain.  They can also be referred to as ‘dying swan’ or ‘Camille’ to refer to a patient who is showing too much drama.
  5. Incarceritis- Incarceritis is for prisoners who are faking their disease just to get a visit to the cash medical practice doctor.  In case the prisoner is looking for a drug that they will give to their cellmate later, they are suffering from ADD or Acute Dilaudid Deficiency.  These prisoners will ‘cheek’ the drugs, which is trying to hide the drugs into his cheeks to sell it later.

Every industry is using a slang word or jargon.  For instance, the restaurant has the word camper, and the car industry has the term rat.  For the cash medical practice industry, these are some of the slang words they use.

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