Generate an extra $30,000 – $50,000
per month

Grow My Practice Now

Make Your Phone Ring


You will see first-hand the proven tested ads that bring in new patients, make your phone ring, and generate a flood of new business.

Cash Paying Clients


Patients often need financing for treatment.  Just like orthodontists and elective surgeons have used for years, you will learn what to do in your practice for higher collections and pre-paid services.

Top Treatments for Cash


Learn the exact conditions in your profession that patients will pay out of pocket for. Learn alternative strategies to treat conditions and alternative schedules to practice that will give you more free time out of your office. You’ll see the models and moves that make over several million dollar plus cash practices.

If your income is down, your headaches & costs are up, and your retirement is sideways, you are on the right page. Let Bottomline Practice Solutions show you step by step and move by move how we can transform your life, your practice and your cash flow in 2-Day Weekend in Las Vegas.

Here are just some of the strategies we will reveal is this Jump Start Program…

  • What to focus the gyroScope of your marketing on to have more new patients
  • The ability to effortlessly generate magnetic testimonials making you the celebrity doctor
  • How to spend less time working by attracting patients who don’t require all your time
  • How to get other doctors to Call YOUR PRACTICE again and again to refer their patients
  • How to start collecting more cash to buffer a lost insurance income & empty EOB’s
  • How to work less, collect more, and regain your lifestyle and freedom again
  • How to get Past a failed insurance experiment that has gone totally wrong for Doc’s
  • Learn 3 ways to get out of the office more while never losing a dime in income
  • Learn how to re-engineer your practice and embrace new treatment models that are wide open
  • Learn the secret to generating an extra $30,000 to $50,000 in CASH month in and month out

You will have access to our proven, tested, easy, and systematic approach to revitalizing, re-invigorating, and re-igniting your purpose to practice. Not only will you refocus your purpose, but you’ll also boost your income. Yes, it can be Fun again…..

Benefits to Doctors

WE have the Goods And we Will show You it All…
at the Discovery Weekend:

Build a bridge to independence from Insurance 

Learn about Actual Case Studies of doctors, just like you, with practices in towns just like yours, finally breaking free and getting the life they have always desired.


Dominate your city as the “Go To” Doctor with an online presence

Through the Newspaper, Facebook, Website Traffic, and more, you can learn Social Media Strategies that work. No more guesswork is needed; You will know exactly what works.


Give Your Billing Person Less to DO not More

You will Learn How to Collect money and Be Paid Upfront. You will also learn how to have your Fees wired directly into your bank account. There’s no need to Chase after patients and insurance companies anymore. No more EOB’s with no check for the doctor!


Move Quickly as It is Easy to Implement

This is a Complete, TESTED SYSTEM that we know WORKS. Like a race car, it is fined tuned to run perfectly in your practice. You can be up and running quickly without a lot of change to what you are doing now.

Don’t Wait, Don’t Hesitate

Communicate With Us directly at the Discovery Day Weekend. We Understand Your Challenges and WE HAVE the RIGHT SOLUTION and The Right Mentors….

“Adapt or Die” – Brad Pitt, Moneyball

The ONLY way to adapt and survive in this environment is to add ancillary services that patients will pay cash for. You do NOT have to get rid of your insurance patients, but rather just add some that pay cash to recover your lost income as a minimum!

You have a choice. Keep doing what you’re doing and settling or get yourself to Las Vegas and let us show you the million dollar cash practice model, the cash hybrid model with insurance, and even a model to bump your cash collections 20k a month.

Don’t presume it is a lot of work, it is NOT.  You reap the benefits of 25 years worth of working with practices, hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting with doctors like you, and years of testing to figure out what really works. You save yourself the time and money that we have already invested. 

Reserve your seat today and let’s make a move together. You will be VERY happy you did so like these doctors were…


What Doctors Say About Paul

Dr. Paul Maguire, DC is an International Speaker and Has Worked With Some of the Top Practices in the World.  

Why are you not getting paid what you are entitled to as the Doctor?  Why is your income being hijacked from large corporations and profit motivated managed care groups?  Politics.  They have the big money and you as the individual Doctor in practice will always be getting paid only what the insurance companies and these groups allow you too. Until now, being controlled by insurances and large corporations was the only thing possible. However, with my models, you determine your own destiny, your own income, and your own financial future for your practice and ultimately, your children.

This is no mistake, you came to this site for a reason. We both know that the finances of most practices and maybe even yours are down. I can show you how to change that, just like these doctors right here have done. I have worked with all of them!  Before me, they were not making these numbers at all. And yes, it’s NOT just about the money, it IS about helping people. But at the end of the day, you can’t help people if you are not getting paid. So let’s change that right now. Join me at the Discovery Weekend. There is NO obligation, simply come and find out how my program has transformed practices and lives just like yours! It’s your time. Register today!

Cash Practice Disovery Weekend Agenda

There is no doubt this will be the most eye opening event you have EVER attending…I will show you case studies of my clients who have literally transformed their life and their practices, securing their financial future for their families, putting themselves on track for retirement, and more!

A Slice of What You will Get at the Discovery Weekend:

  • How to get out of the Trap of All Insurance and Quickly Transform it to Cash
  • Learning The Actual Marketing Technique I paid $25,000. to Learn, I ll Give it You!
  • Finding the Niches that Patients will Pay Cash For to Get Help and Why
  • How to Add 10k to Your Monthly Income the Week You Get Back
  • Learning the Million Dollar plus Practice Model and Why it is more ethical than insurance
  • How you can replace lost income within 45 Days with My Models
  • Why Doctors are Collection As much as $30,000 a week… and More


Suspend your disbelief, please. Doctors don’t believe me when I tell them they can have these numbers, and they still don’t believe me when they do. Come to the Discovery Weekend and let me earn your trust. I can help you, and by the end, you will know for sure that I am the real deal. What I am telling you here is possible for you and your practice, no matter the area or patients. I will show you a complete model that helps patients get the care they need, while you receive fair fees without an insurance company getting in the way.

Say Yes to Financial and Time Freedom

Whose practice is it anyway?  It is yours! Yet day in and day out, patients are making decisions, not based on what you recommend and what they need, but rather what their insurance will or will not pay for. That is unethical and not acceptable. The cash practice models we have developed remove this barrier, allow you to get paid a fair fee, and deliver exceptional care.

Let’s focus more on taking care of patients and less on the insurance run-around! paperwork which even if you take your time away from your family to fill it out, they still don’t pay you anyway!  

  • Get your freedom and your life back.
  • Enjoy a vacation by getting paid well for what you do.
  • Get the lifestyle you worked for and deserve.
  • Take care of your family and ensure you never have to worry about financial failure, practice failure, or even retirement again.
  • With our program, you will quickly be able to add cash to your existing insurance revenue, and as the scales tip, you will receive more and more cash and deal less and less with insurance.
  • The money will roll in, the freedom will roll out, and you will return to the joy of helping patients and practicing medicine or your given specialty.